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Serving the North Since 1996

  • Our Origin Story

    Nearly 2000 kilometres – that is the treacherous journey our Clear Arctic Springs’ water had to make some 22 years ago from the spring source in Hinton to the refinery in Edmonton and finally into Yellowknife. The late Lloyd Brown offered his garage for warehousing. This arrangement required us to ask Lloyd to open his overhead doors, back out his bobcats while we loaded the 3 or 4 bottles we were delivering into our cars and drive them to our respective customers. 40 bottles was enough to supply our customers for 6 weeks! In due course, we began trucking the water that bumpy, unforgiving road from Edmonton into YK with a good 5% of the 40 bottles arriving broken. On another occasion the 40 water from our supplier arrived with “a funny taste” and we had to pour it into the ditch. It was 1998 before we purchased our first reverse-osmosis bottling station and it has now evolved into a semi-automated system which produces 300 bottles an hour each day.

  • Tundra Transfer

    Tundra Transfer is the parent company for Clear Arctic Springs and Tundra Coffee. As any good parent, she is here to serve and protect. We serve so much more than gourmet coffees and teas from around the globe. We also serve our customers with pick up and deliveries for Northwestern Air Lease and ground trips to Fort Providence. We protect the livelihood of 13 staff members who are eager to help you, our customer, get married to exactly the products that will make your life better. Come on in for a tour of our facility or pop by and allow us to grind up a bean that boggles your senses. Perhaps you are hosting a special event. We can provide you with a funky popcorn machine, a chill snow-cone machine or a juicy Jetspray machine. Tundra Transfer is celebrating 22 years in the industry. As a child her crib was our garage on Stevens Cres. In her teenage years she yearned for more space. Now fully mature, she boasts her own store and warehouse at 325 Old Airport Rd.

  • Tundra Coffee

    Tundra Coffee Co. offers you a myriad of coffees, hot chocolates, DaVinci syrups, specialty drinks and biscotti to accompany those fragrant elixirs. Tempt yourself with a Highlander Grogg coffee – guaranteed to addict the most stalwart of personalities. Our beans are so fresh they flirt with you. Get seduced. Our Tea Guru, Lily, will match you up with one of our dames with handles like Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose, Lady Hannah Fruit and Hojicha Green. Lily has blended her own specialty line of herbal teas to combat any number of ailments including stomach ailments, colds, sleep disorders and depression. Don’t forget to keep us pinned to your calendar for any special occasion; gift baskets are lovingly hand-crafted by Lily. We boast a large variety of coffee and tea equipment for home, office and retail use. We support that component of Tundra Coffee with a talented tech team. Gerard and Eric, both clever and friendly, are always happy to help if your equipment goes south.


Our Services Include:

Our Team

Meet our talented team of specialists!

Annette headshot

Annette Althouse

President, Accounting, OPS

Annette is the heart and soul of this operation, one of the founding partners she has been in this business since 1996.

Dennis headshot

Dennis Althouse

Vice President, Director of Sales, Marketing & Operations

Dennis is Tundra Transfer’s Mr. Bean: triumphant in innovation, unique in his problem-solving abilities, affable and vivacious. He is, in equal measure, as nonsensical in fun as sensible in business.

Jeremy headshot

Jeremy Curtis

Warehouse Manager

We had to simplify Jeremy’s title to Warehouse Manager because adding Happiness Personnel, Class Clown, Nutrition Resource Manager, Staff Psychologist, Special Events Co-ordinator and All-Round Good Bloke did not fit on his business card.

Lily Headshot

Lily Geraghty

Store Supervisor, Website Manager, Graphic Designer

Formally Lily Astels; managing our online content, designing graphic materials, hand blending teas and building gift baskets are just a few of the things this lady is constantly busy with!

Gerard Gillis and Eric Jonasson

Genius Tech Team

Gerard and Eric make a fantastic team, together with a smile they keep all the equipment we rent out in top shape AND take on repairs of other various equipment.

Armon Headshot

Arman Aslanyan


Arman is the son of Tundra Coffee's service specialist; Manvel, he has been around our business since he was a kid and is now pursuing a career in accounting; where better to get some on the job experience while doing courses than here?!

Travis headshot

Travis Dyson

Lead Water Delivery Driver

Travis is our reliable water delivery driver. While we have been struggling to find a dependable second driver, we are so lucky to have Travis who knows everything on both run sheets.

Garrett Headshot

Garrett Fyfe

That one employee who keeps leaving then coming back but will never truly be gone

Garrett has been coming and going for over 7 years now, there isn't a job at any of the three divisions of Tundra Transfer that Garrett hasn't tried; Garrett does it all!

Our Photos!

Photos from day to day operations at our business

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