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Water Delivery

Our bottled water service is reliable.  We will visit your water cooler on a regular schedule either weekly, biweekly or monthly and bring you the elixir of reverse osmosis water sourced from the Yellowknife River.  One sip of our Clear Arctic Springs’ water and your resolution to drink yourself to health, better circulation, weight loss will be satiated.

We deliver to businesses Monday – Friday, residential addresses on Saturday and Behchoko (Rae Edzo) every Wednesday and Fort Providence on Thursday.

Our Coupon System:

Try our simple swap coupon system! Buy coupon books for in store or delivery then simply give us your empty bottle and a coupon and we will swap it for a full one!

Our Bottling Plant

Here at Clear Arctic Springs we currently produce 300 bottles of reverse-osmosis water per hour. The source of our water is the Yellowknife River which is then pumped into our seven stage filtration/purification Reverse-Osmosis water plant. We then bottle it into sterilized bottles or use it to produce bagged water, ice blocks or cubes. The ice is of such pure quality that it will remain frozen in a cooler for many, many days longer than regular ice and will not make your drinks taste funny!

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