Maintenance Services

A video about our service techs, Eric and Gerard! Video made by: codenry TV

Water Cooler Cleaning and Repair

We clean and repair water coolers! We will pick up your cooler from your home or office and provide you with a loaner cooler free of charge while we are cleaning or repairing yours! Looking to do it yourself? Drop by our store and check out our water cooler cleaning kits!

Cooler cleaning: $65.00

Cooler repair: $130.00 per hour for tech to repair, 1 hour minimum charge

Water Tank Cleaning

Our friendly and personable staff will come to your house or business and clean your water tank (or tanks.)

Standard tanks are $350.00 per tank.

Please be advised there may be additional charges for especially challenging or excessively dirty water tanks.

We do water tanks on the Ingraham trail, we charge an extra $50.00 to cover our gas and time to get out there.

Our water tank cleaning will completely disinfect your tank, we first empty your tank then use a combination of a pressure washer and vacuum to remove all debris. The only chemical we use is household bleach to disinfect as we clean. Your tank is thoroughly rinsed to remove all traces of bleach.

For information about why it is important to clean your water tank, view this video:

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Water Tank Cleaning

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