Prepaid Water Cooler Order Form

For quick order of a water cooler to be delivered to a location in Yellowknife, Ndilo, Dettah or Bechoko; including airports for furtherance to communities.
  • Please include extensions when applicable
  • Price: $ 357.89 CAD Quantity:
    These are our most popular water coolers, they have a cold water tap and a room temperature water tap. They are available in black or white. Glacier coolers come with 5 years of warranty and are repairable by our techs.
  • Price: $ 405.62 CAD Quantity:
    This cooler has a cold water tap and hot water tap with a built in childproof handle for your safety. They are available in black or white. Glacier coolers come with 5 years of warranty and are repairable by our techs.
  • These are an energy efficient option, they require no electricity and cool your water purely through evaporation!  They are also a very aesthetically pleasing option, we have them in several different patterns like stripes, flowers and chickens to name a few, or just plain white. We have white ceramic lids for them if you don't like the look of the bottle, and they can use any size of bottle. We stock both wooden and metal stands available for either floor standing or counter. If you would like a list of what theme or embossed coolers we currently have on hand please contact our store via email or phone. (867)669-9330
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